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not happy with my last submission. I'm already working on version 2. I'll be deleting version one very soon :(

also, what the feck happened to all the peeps on DA???!!!?? It seems like one of the reasons everything is working faster is cos theres NO ONE HERE!! :(

I may be hibernating for a while until people realise that DA actually kicks ass again (and it does, I'm very happy with the new site)

come back everyone!!!!

jeeeez, that was such a nightmare image.... Finally sorted it tho. Nearly killed me and drove me insane, but I finished it.... :)

More soon :)

oh, and an abstract on its way a.s.a.p :)

ok, so maybe I got a little distracted last week with my Abstracts....

Well, for those of you who care (not that many of u I know :P ) I haven't dropped the Fantasy stuff, in fact I'm hard at work as we speak on a couple of scenes.

I thought it might be nice to get some feedback on one of my current projects and also give u something to whet ur appetities. So here it is, currently entitled 'RockPerch' (cos Flying Brick didn't sound right), but this is only a working title. Feedback welcomed, but please bear in mind that it is a very rough scene and the final, which I am working on right now, is much more detailed.


ok, so maybe I'm a tad calmer now.... :)

well, DA3 seems to be sorting itself out slowly, so I'm back to working on stuff for submissions :)

Currently I have the following in the pipeline.

Fighting dragons (working title)

Canyon Race (collab with Abe123)

Floating city / return home (working titles)

Stick around, its gonna get interesting :)

er... yeah, er nice to see some new features but...


GAH, thi sux major monkey butt.

I may well be taking my art elsewere :(

I doubt I'll be submitting much soon until DA sorts itself out

/me goes off to find another DA2 site....

many thanks to all the peeps who :+fav: Searches End. the response has blown me away, as it is now the 2nd most Fav'd fantasy wallpaper ever!! (just one more fav and it'll be no1 :) )

I've put up Order of the Frozen Heart today, but I'm really not that happy with it as I think its too busy and dark, but we'll have to wait and see

think its time to recharge my batteries for a bit and lay off the fantasy for a while. I feel  some abstracts coming on again...


he he, another lost weekend doing DA stuff... "Searches End" has gone up today, and I'm working on another already :)

'Ghost Dragon' is gonna be a lot darker with more figures than I usually manage, and will be a first for me with the level of complexity in Vue. I'm sure Abe123 will get a lookin on ths image cos its already proving to be bigger than my imagination can cope with...

I'll post a preview here when I get something worth seeing.

Also, expect an OtherWorld Fantasy Pack submission very soon.

stay frosty :)

I'm in the process of doing a couple of new Fantasy images...

... and for all those of you who take the time to look at this journal or visit my gallery I thought I'd treat u to a sneak preview of a submission going up on Monday.

here it is:…


Also, :iconabe123: has put up another collab. check it out here:… it kicks ass!!!

I'm in the process of doing a couple of new Fantasy images...

... and for all those of you who take the time to look at this journal or visit my gallery I thought I'd treat u to a sneak preview of a submission going up on Monday.

here it is:…


New collab with :iconr-on3: unleased on the world.

I'm doing about 1 Deviation a day at the moment. Yes I have no life.

up to 65 submissions....

...and still no quality control.

Fantasy stuff on hold while Abe123 recharges his creative batteries.

Myself and :iconabe123: have started a collaboration site called OtherWorld.

check it out here:


All new fantasy work will be put up there, so make sure u devwatch it peeps :)


I'm also collaborating again with :iconr-on3: so expect stuff sometime soon.

Just finished another collaboration with :iconabe123:

Entitled 'Summoners Gift'

Thanks Abe123, you are awesome. Our last Collab took well over 8500 visits in  24hrs!


Also, I have fnished another collab, this time with :iconr-on3:

here's the link:…

r-on3 is a star too, so go check out his gallery.

Just finished the first collaboration with :iconabe123:

here's the link:…

Check it out. It's awesome!

thanks Abe, you're a star :)

tum teee tum....

This week I shall mostly be:

a) Playing with Terragen :)

b) Trying to finish some Abstract work

c) Collaborating with various Peeps


Sometimes I really don't understand this place....

I mean, I put up work - which I consider to be ok - and it just doesn't get looked at our commented. Point of fact: My last piece, TheFallen, has had nearly 200 views (at time of writing) and has absolutely failed to provoke any kind of comment!!!!!!!

So WTF is wrong with my stuff!!!!!


I'm working up  number of ideas at the moment. none of which look lke they will ever get finished. Watch this space tho.

Currently working on a mechanical Mosquito. Its more shiny chrome than I'd like and less 'mech'. I have an idea in my head which swings between shiney and modern looking good, and then wanting something a lot more gothic. Might try to combine both =)

Laters all.

well, I seem to be constantly, and pleasantly surprised by this site.

Many thanks to armordcor for being inspired by FlowersOfFleshAndBlood enough to write about a haiku about it.

read it here…


... completely different.

I seem to need to produce some reall dark imagery at the moment. Probably bet to just get it out of my system. Maybe its just that I've overloaded on bright and shiney reflection, or maybe listening to too much Devin Townsend and SYL...

... to all that have responded and added fav's to my OutWardFliGht02 piece.

I am gobsmacked at ppls responses. Its really nice to know that once in a while u hit on something that not only floats your boat, but everyone elses too.

If you like my work, please leave comments and take a looksee at my other stuff too. =)


... and hopefully upwards.

I seem to be getting into a groove recently, whether that is a good or a bad thing is yet to be decided.

Trying to go for alternate colours other than Blue, mainly because it seems that if u do a blue themed image ppl will love it regardless, but any other colour and it'll flop. This sux in my opinion, as there are a load of cool images out there that a) are not blue, and b) don't have reams of stupid 2D stuff all over them.

don't just jump on the bandwagon peps, highjack it and do ur own thang!!!