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CSS for subscribers is finally here!! Your local neighbourhood zilla is here to give a few pointers to the novice CSSers who want to give their journals a make over with a few pointers and a list of handy resources.

As a general rule it is better to keep things simple, not just if you are a beginner. Remember the following points when you design your page:

1. Mock it up Try your design in Photoshop first (or which ever app you have) that way you can play with colours and styles without needing to refresh your journal too much.

2. Just because you can, doesn't mean that you should... try to avoid making things like the text size too small. The current journal style works well, so just start simply by changing colours.

3. Contrast is good. Making the colours of your text and links the same, or very close is bad m'kay. Make it easy for people to differentiate between things. Also, making your journal text too dark on a black background or too light on a bright background can be tiring on the eyes of the reader, resulting in them just not reading your journal!

4. Complexity-schmexity Complex backgrounds are all very well, but if they interfere with the journal text then again like point 3, you have lost your reader. Plain colours or simple gradients are fine. Remember that the text is the most important part!

5. K.I.S.S - Keep it simply sexy! You are not reinventing the wheel here, there is no point in trying to be too clever at first. The journal CSS is limited anyway so likely as not you will find you cannot do the complex overlays you are trying for.

6. It's not a competition. The initial flurry of activity over this will generate some friendly competition as people try to push boundaries. This is all well and good, but leave this to the 1337 h4x0r5 and try and do a journal which reflects your personality and style more. The journal is about you and a good journal design will help to enhance that. (unless you are me and have wierd freaky fingers and stuff and everyone thinks you are a wierdo)

For those of you who want to have a crack at it, I've collated a list of some of the more usefull articles and features floating around so you don't have to go searching.

journal stylesheet generator - by tobyf
This is the ultimate one stop shop for your journal. A great template generator for anyone that needs something simple and doesn't really want to learn the complexities of CSS.

Basic Journal Template by quentinwrites
Not-So-Basic Journal Template by quentinwrites
Both do what they say on the tin ;)

dA v4 template by zacthetoad - A neat little template to make your journal look like Version 4 of dA. How very retro...

Journal Structure: a reference by thespook - A great visual reference of what the different classes represent on the page. Essential if you are new to CSS.

The BasiCSS by zikes - A good starting point for those that want simplicity.

CSS Rundown + Template by NovaDuck - contains a tutorial to help you through the basics and on to more complex stuff.

For those that don't want to have to struggle, why not try entering the following competition:

Get Yourself a CSS Journal - Contest
being run by duhcoolies - head over to his journal to see more info.

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supergirl1989 Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2012
my browsing is not working at all please help me
nosKILL1343 Featured By Owner May 3, 2009  Professional General Artist
wow nice, thanx a lot :beer: :D
thevampiricfox Featured By Owner Apr 12, 2009
M' I want to use this: [link] as my header...but whenever I use it the title text is in the middle of it.

Is there a way to move the title text where I want?
FumiMoto Featured By Owner Mar 20, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I still don't get how to do it?
dizzysmile Featured By Owner Mar 17, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Thank you! :heart:
Chpiku Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot! :aww: It really helped my out!
Chpiku Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
me! sorry
ClaudiaConstantino Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Nice :clap: :+favlove:
sugarpoultry Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2009  Professional Digital Artist
Yay I love my page now! :D Thank you so much!!!!!!!!
MikeYoshi Featured By Owner Feb 19, 2009
This is very helpful. I will definitely look back to this next time I get a subscription.
RabbitBatThing Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2009  Student Digital Artist
this helps alot!
Ravabumionia Featured By Owner Jan 30, 2009  Student Digital Artist
Great help~! Thanks~! :D
ChrisEmerald Featured By Owner Jan 27, 2009
This is very helpful.
shariff666 Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2009  Student Photographer
Still trying man!
Tap-Photo-and-Co Featured By Owner Jan 14, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
Is there a size regulation on the background, i made my css in journal stylesheet generator by `tobyf i chose a combined background. But he won ´t come in the back?
Muishu Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2008
Anyone know how to change the font to make it smaller for non subscribers when you comment and post journals?
KE-M72 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2008   Digital Artist
there's an article on it here [link]
RodneyTheDragon Featured By Owner Dec 7, 2008   Digital Artist
I'm no computer wiz, so I'm still confused... :?
celest-the-ruler Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008
just go here love
RodneyTheDragon Featured By Owner Dec 18, 2008   Digital Artist
Thanks, but I'm getting it. =)
Paups Featured By Owner Nov 30, 2008  Student Traditional Artist
Oh, man... I just don't understand how this thing works! :noes:
Retromissile Featured By Owner Oct 20, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Useful =D
ariichan Featured By Owner Sep 25, 2008
What size it need to be?
oonamoo Featured By Owner Sep 21, 2008
this is really good thank you xoo
Mindfucking Featured By Owner Aug 10, 2008
I used almost every piece of information on thyis page (thank you very much :hug:) but I didn't found a solution for a problem: when I feature thumbnails on my Journal, they have a grey border, and even if I tried to add more css instructions to remove it, it still remain (but I noticed that, unlike my own, many journals have the thumbnails without border).
What should I do? Is there a reference about this problem?
rackle23 Featured By Owner Aug 9, 2008  Student
I found this very helpful. Thanks :)
Captain-Chase Featured By Owner Jul 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Not a new member, but I still don't get this, can anyone answer this question?
I just want to change my font color but I can't seem to get it to work; so I'm wondering, can I not even do that without a subscription??
trashchromia Featured By Owner Aug 1, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm not sure, but I think you need to be a suscriber if you want to change your font color ^^ Maybe you'll be able to find a better answer in the FAQ :)
DuskSpark Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008   Interface Designer
How do I get the code to add CSS?
trashchromia Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I don't know anything about CSS (and I'm not a suscriber) but I hope this will help you ^^:

FAQ #747: How do I change the style of my Journal?

Good luck :)
DuskSpark Featured By Owner Sep 19, 2008   Interface Designer
thx you, i know now!
kynky1 Featured By Owner Jun 9, 2008  Hobbyist General Artist
Before i get accused of noob-dom i just cant seem to get my journal on the left hand side of the page, i'm thinking this could be to do with my CSS! Also my Poll doesnt seem to show, been fiddling for hours and the FAQ is no help, any ideas or am i just an idiot???
DarknessArts Featured By Owner May 4, 2008
Teine-tor Featured By Owner May 2, 2008  Student General Artist
WOOOOHOOOO!!!! That's awesome. Danke.
Carbon-A Featured By Owner Apr 29, 2008
:dance: Yay! ;)
MarianaPalova Featured By Owner Apr 19, 2008  Professional Digital Artist
how can i do a transparent journal?
Nixity Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2008  Student Digital Artist
How can I add an image to the journal (not a link to an artwork)?
Nixity Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2008  Student Digital Artist
Oh nvm! I found it. Sorry about that '^^
Meditation1234 Featured By Owner Feb 15, 2008  Student
I am confuse.....
frozenpandaman Featured By Owner Apr 8, 2008   General Artist
jablesi Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2007
Thanks sooo much it really helped meh out ^_^-
Lioar Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2007
How do you center a picture in your journal? I tried < c e n t e r > < / c e n t e r > but it didnt work presumably because it is CSS, can you help me?
LadyJinx Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2008
To center images in your journal you use this:

<div align="center">IMAGE URL HERE</div>

Hope that helps out, if not note me.
ezgadi Featured By Owner Nov 16, 2007
This was very helpful. Thank you.
RaaYeeD Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2007  Hobbyist Photographer
Great News :blushes:
Ishtaryu Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
Hey, this will be useful when I subscribe! :D
Miusaionjigirl Featured By Owner Nov 7, 2007
eekkk I can't add image in my journal....
Traconian Featured By Owner Oct 21, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
I have CSS but I just want to figure out how to get a text to seperate everything
I just want to know that...I've tried to figure it out but everytime I try to I fail ><
a little help plz?
GreyIOutcast Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2007
Are you talking about block display type?

If you mean to have it so it would be like:

| border |
| | Text ||
| |Text_||

Like that?

That is done by the "display" property. Value can either be Inline, or Block. Block is the thing shown above. Inline is just part of the text.
drachenmagier Featured By Owner Jan 5, 2008  Professional Traditional Artist
Uhm... I have the same question as Traconian but I don't think I understood that explenation. Could you repeat it for me please? I was looking for a posibility to create a lighter textfield in the middle of the journal with the "normal" bg all around it. Like :icondamntorren: did it with hers (just as example. I don't want to copy hers)
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